Being involved in a motor vehicle accident is always a stressful event, and one that most people hope to avoid.  However, the truth is that accidents do happen and you should always be as prepared as possible for this type of situation.  Many tips for car accidents victims include recording every detail of the accident, taking photographs, and of course seeking medical attention if you or a passenger has suffered any type of injury.  Accident victims are often in a state of stress and may forget to take some of the key steps that will help preserve evidence in a car accident case.  Whether you remembered to take photos or notes or not, you should always contact a Coweta County auto accident attorney to help with your case.


In this day and age of advanced technology, there are many mobile apps on the market for both iPhone, Android, or both to help guide motor vehicle accident victims in this stressful time.  The following are some of the available apps:


  • iWrecked:  This app has a place to always have your insurance information and emergency contacts stored and easily accessible, provides tow truck and taxi locators, and helps you complete a detailed accident report.
  • The Crash Detective:  This app helps to calmly lead you through what information you need to gather and record, and what you should photograph.  It also provides information regarding the nearest police station, hospital, repair shop, and more.
  • iCar Black Box:  iCar serves a different purpose in the event of a car accident, by using GPS to constantly record your car’s location and speed at any given time and date.  This can be very important in the case of a legal dispute and can help recreate your accident.


One of the most important steps following an auto accident is to contact an experienced car accident lawyer to discuss a possible case.  Do not hesitate to call the Law Offices of Shane Smith today.


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