Both the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the state of Georgia have a wide range of regulations regarding commercial truck drivers and their vehicles. Because tractor trailers can cause devastating injuries to other motorists in the event of an accident, drivers must follow strict rules in an attempt to encourage safe driving and prevent negligence. If a driver violates federal or state regulations, they may face both criminal and civil penalties, as well as possible suspension of their commercial driver’s license. If you have been injured by a truck driver who broke the law, you should contact a Coweta County truck accident lawyer to help you get reimbursed for your injuries and losses.


Truck drivers violate regulations on a regular basis and put people in danger. The most commonly violated trucking regulations include the following:


  • Not properly performing pre-trip or post-trip inspections
  • Not having proper emergency equipment such as fire extinguisher, reflectors, lights, etc.
  • Stopping without proper emergency signals
  • Using a radar detector
  • Using a hand-held cell phone
  • Hours of service violations
  • Not keeping correct log books
  • Not having a valid, up to date medical certificate
  • Not having proper vehicle identification displayed


Though some of these violations may seem minor, the laws exist for specific reasons and violations often lead to devastating or fatal accidents. If a truck driver breaks a law and causes injury, a court will likely automatically find that driver to have acted in a negligent manner.

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