Teenage drivers are often fearless on the road and do not always appreciate risks of the roads and highways as adults do.  One of the risks teenagers often do not realize is the danger of driving with large semi-trucks on the highway.  Truck accidents can be dangerous and even fatal, and irresponsible driving around trucks increases the risks of accidents.  For instance, teens may not understand the distance required for trucks to stop when driving at high speeds.  If you or your teenage driver is injured in a truck accident, it is imperative that you contact a Clayton County trucking accident lawyer as soon as possible.


The Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Alliance recognized the dangers of teen drivers and trucks, and has created the “Teens And Trucks” program to help inform inexperienced drivers about safely around commercial trucks.  The program is also supported by the United States Department of Transportation.  Some of the key safety tips taught in the program include:


  • Don’t Cut Off Trucks. Distance required for stopping is extremely different for a large truck than a smaller passenger car.  If you cut off a truck, it may not be able to slow down or stop and may cause a very dangerous collision.
  • Keep a Safe Distance. While it is never safe to tailgate any vehicle on the highway, following too close is particularly dangerous around large trucks because the size of these vehicles prevents you from seeing the road ahead and having sufficient time to react to slowing or stopped traffic.
  • Stay Out of the Truck’s Blind Spots. Trucks have very large blind spots. Try to avoid driving in a truck’s blind spot whenever possible.
  • Trucks Make Wide Turns. Because of their large size, remember that a truck making a right turn may first swing left to clear the corner, or may swing right when making a left turn to avoid other vehicles.  Teens should expect this and be prepared to avoid trucks making left turns.


If you or your child are involved in a truck accident, there are many factors that may have contributed, such as driver error, improper maintenance, or vehicle malfunction.  If your teenaged driver is in a truck accident, it may be the case that they were following all the safety rules and the accident is not their fault at all.  Contact an experienced Clayton County  truck accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Shane Smith to help you with your case.  Call (770) 487-8999 to schedule a consultation.

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