Everything You Need to Know About the Different Types of Newnan Car Accident Disc Injuries

Georgia residents involved in traumatic car accidents often get spinal injuries. Common types of spinal injuries include disc injuries from Newnan high speed accident impacts. Often, disc injuries are accompanied by other physical and emotional injuries to Sharpsburg victims of car crashes.

Understanding disc injuries from Georgia car accidents requires knowledge about the human spine. Broken into three different parts, the neck area (cervix), the mid-section (thoracic) and the lower back (lumbar), the human spine is composed of vertebrae which are cushioned by soft cartilage known as intervertebral disks. When someone suffers a “slipped-disc” where the gel around the vertebra is pushed out from a Sharpsburg car accident, they are normally diagnosed with a bulged disc.

If you are currently experiencing any type of spinal pain related to an auto accident you have suffered in Georgia, contact the Law Offices of Shane Smith at (888) 927-6955. The auto accident attorney you speak with will be able to determine fault for the auto accident and make sure your Sharpsburg spinal injuries are evaluated and you receive full compensation for all physical and emotional damages related to the auto accident.

Based on the circumstances of a Newnan car accident, there can be one more type of disc disorders. Since suffering a bulged disc, or any type of spinal injury from a Georgia car accident, it is necessary to get medical attention at the scene of the accident to determine if a disc spinal injury has been sustained and subsequent treatment to follow up to see if it has occurred, but was not caught at the scene of the accident. There are many types of disc injuries that one can suffer and includes:

Protruding disc:  This is different and more serious than a bulged disc. The supporting gel is squeezed out and is unevenly spread. Effects include a constant “pinching” or irritation of the surrounding nerves that extend from this portion of the spinal cord. Pain can radiate to related extensions of the body.

Herniated disc:  This is when the cells that make up the disc itself start to disintegrate. The disintegration becomes so extensive that the protective gel within the disk begins to move outward. Since the protective gel is irritated, numbing and pain can occur constantly or intermittently.

Disc extrusion:  This type of disc injury is when the gel either breaks off from the protective sack or is extended so much that there is virtually no protect gel surrounding the vertebrae. Sharpsburg auto accident victims that suffer this kind of injury generally suffer the most pain and/or have excruciating back pain.        

Depending on the extent of the disc injury from a Newnan spinal injury, different types of medical treatments will be necessary. Treatment can vary from simple pain management medications and physical and rehabilitation therapy all the way to serious back surgery. Regardless of what the doctor prescribes, you will have damages through both physical injuries and emotional pain and suffering.

If you have suffered any type of Georgia spinal injury including a Sharpsburg disc injury, contact the Law Offices of Shane Smith at (888) 927-6955. Your auto accident attorney will be able to help determine what types of damages you have suffered and how to make sure you get the medical treatment for it and have the injured party pay for it.

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