There are two important things you need to do immediately following a Newnan car accident. First, call the Newnan police and have them come out and fill out an accident report. This should include various details of how the car accident occurred and that you are in fact injured as a result of this car accident. Sometimes people or the person who caused the accident will ask you not to call the police because they don't want an accident report, they admit fault, or claim that their insurance company will take care of everything. I would caution you against not filing a police report. You don't know if the person who caused the accident really has car insurance, you don't know whether the car insurance card is a valid card, you don't know if they will then change their story in the future and say that the accident is your fault. Not having an accident report can create problems for you resolving your property damage and it definitely will create problems in resolving your personal injury case.

All personal injury lawyers will prefer that you have a accident report from the car accident filled out by the state police.

Secondly, if you have been injured in a car accident it is imperative that you seek the appropriate medical care as soon as possible. This can include going to the emergency room if your injuries are life threatening and serious following the car accident. It is also advised to follow up with your family doctor within three days of the car accident or beginning treatment with a physical therapist or chiropractor within three days of the car accident.

Either medical treatment options are appropriate depending on the severity of your injuries and what your injuries are. Many clients who are suffering from back and neck and soft tissue injuries will require either a visit to the emergency room if their injuries are very severe. They may require medical prescriptions or they will begin treatment with a city chiropractor that can help them with their whiplash injuries.

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