Gwinnett County DUI Accident Attorney Shane Smith Informs Georgia Residents of the State of Drunk Driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has come out with some statistics that Georgia residents should be aware of their state’s safety. As of 2011, Mothers Against Drunk Driving has compiled the latest statistics as part of its annual 50 State drunk driving report. Here are some relevant statistics:

  • Nearly 1 out 4 traffic deaths (23%) were from DUI auto accidents
  • There are nearly 46,000 3-time and almost 6,000 5-time DUI offenders
  • The number of under-age persons 12-20 admitting to using alcohol in the past 30 days was 292,000 people or 23.6% of all respondents.
  • As of 2013, lobbying efforts for anti-drunk driving organizations will ask the State of Georgia to require all persons found guilty of drunk driving to have ignition interlocks installed on their motor vehicles.

In fact, along with these statistics, Mothers Against Drunk Driving has reported a 7.4% decline in DUI auto accident deaths from the previous year. While anti-drunk driving organizations such as MADD and others have made progress through public awareness campaigns and working with law enforcement, there is a still a long way to further reduce Georgia DUI auto accident deaths to zero.

If you or a family member has been involved in a Norcross DUI auto accident and have suffered physical and emotional damages due to the negligence of an at-fault third party, you may entitled to recover through a personal injury claim. After speaking with a Georgia DUI accident attorney at the Law Offices of Shane Smith, your accident’s details will be evaluated to determine who is the at-fault party and if they have caused your damages. Call (770) 487-8999 to schedule a free consultation before it’s too late!

What Georgia Has Done To Deter & Punish Drunk Drivers

There are many laws that are in place to prevent and punish drunk drivers from getting into a Gwinnett County DUI accident or to punish those who have caused a Norcross DUI Accident. A Georgia DUI accident attorney will be able to explain how the following are applicable to your individual circumstances:

  • Random and unannounced sobriety checkpoints are put in place to stop vehicles to determine if the operator is in fact driving their vehicle sober or not.
  • Dram Shop and Social Host liability is State law. These laws holds drinking establishments and homeowners with automatic liability for serving underage persons and potential liability for serving of-age persons who are visibly drunk that will be operating a vehicle in a reasonable amount of time.
  • 0.08 Per Se Law mandates that anyone who operates a motor vehicle in Georgia automatically consents to having their blood alcohol content (BAC) tested. Whenever a driver is exhibiting erratic signs of driving and if law enforcement stops a driver, said driver is obligated to submit to a field sobriety test.

These are just some of the laws that Georgia has put in place to reduce Gwinnett County DUI accidents and enforce its commitment to making sure Georgia has reduced drunk driving auto accidents. If you have been injured in a Norcross DUI accident, the first thing after getting medical treatment is to speak with a Georgia DUI accident attorney at the Law Offices of Shane Smith. When you speak with a Gwinnett County accident attorney you will understand what your legal rights are and what damages you may be entitled to with a personal injury claim. Call (770) 487-8999 to schedule your free legal consultation today! 

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