All drivers have heard the words “Don’t Drink and Drive”; however, not all drivers listen to them. Sadly, when drivers get behind the wheel of their motor vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs they can cause serious Norcross drunk driving accidents that injure innocent motorists. Unfortunately, some injuries to Norcross DUI accident victims are fatal injuries.

When drivers make poor decisions and get behind the wheel of their vehicles drunk or even buzzed, their judgment is impaired, vision is affected, and reflexes are slowed. This can lead to running stop signs and traffic lights, swerving into other lanes without warning, taking too many risks, and driving erratically. When drivers do any of these things, they can injure the following people:

  • Other drivers and occupants
  • Motorcyclists
  • Bicyclists
  • Pedestrians

If you have been injured in a Norcross drunk driving accident, you may have suffered severe injuries due to the force of the collision. If someone was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and hit your vehicle, caused you injuries, or caused the loss of life of someone you love, you deserve to hold that negligent driver responsible for your damages and losses.

What You Should Know About the Insurance Company

Although you may assume that being a victim of a DUI accident in Norcross should be cut and dry and that the insurer should have sympathy for you, you also need to know what to say and what not to say to the insurance company so that you can make sure you receive the best financial recovery. No matter if someone else was drinking and driving, insurers will always look to limit their liability. This is why injured drunk driving victims should hire a skilled Norcross DUI victim lawyer to aggressively pursue their case.

Victims of DWI and DUI accidents in Georgia should not talk with an insurance adjuster on their own. Additionally, families who have lost loved ones in drunk driving crashes also should not speak with the insurance company without a qualified attorney to fight for their rights. Because emotions are involved and because most people do not know what their case is exactly worth, they should not attempt to resolve it on their own.  

Cases of this nature are worth a lot of money because serious neck and back injuries, pelvic fractures, hip fractures, paralysis, disfigurement, nerve injuries, brain injury, spinal cord injury and even fatal injuries may be involved. However, the insurance company will not automatically award victims the highest compensation. Instead, personal injury lawyers have to fight to get the best recovery awarded to victims of DUI accidents.

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