The Law Offices of Shane Smith understands how devastating it is to lose someone you love as the wrongful and accidental death of your family member can be tragic and heartbreaking. Families need someone they can turn to and rely on during tough times. Norcross wrongful death attorney Shane Smith has stood by families who want to seek justice when their loved ones have been taken away from them. By aggressively pursuing a Georgia wrongful death case, a family can begin its journey of healing.

If your loved one was killed by a negligent driver, drunk driver, defective product, slip-and-fall accident, or other deadly accident, you will need the help of a sympathetic yet aggressive wrongful death lawyer who knows the laws and knows how to get you and your family the best compensation possible.

Wrongful death cases in Georgia can be challenging because emotions run high and because it requires parties to put a value on a person’s life. Sadly, there is no compensation that is truly enough to compensate a family for the loss of their loved one. Although our law firm understands this, we do our best to help families obtain the highest financial recovery possible to cover the cost of outstanding medical bills, funeral expenses, lost future income, mental anguish, and more.

Filing a Wrongful Death Case

Family members who are the closest to the victim have rights to file a wrongful death suit in Georgia for their losses. These parties include:

  • Surviving spouse
  • Children and stepchildren
  • Parents
  • Other dependents living in the victim’s house

In some cases, siblings, grandparents, or the next of kin may be able to bring a wrongful death claim against the party responsible for killing their loved one. Even the victim’s estate may be able to file a wrongful death claim to recover the damages. The money that is recovered would then be distributed according to the victim’s will. 

To find out about your potential case, call a Norcross wrongful death lawyer today. The death of a loved one is devastating and the Law Offices of Shane Smith will handle your Norcross wrongful death case with care and compassion but will aggressively protect your rights and pursue the best recovery. Start with a complimentary consultation at 770-HURT-999 to find out how we can help you today. 

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