We’d like to thank everyone who participated last month in our Teacher of the Month Award program.  We received so many wonderful nominations!  Our panel has selected this month’s award recipients, and attorney Shane Smith says, “I was amazed by the way this month’s teachers just put their hearts and souls into helping their students grow, not only scholastically, but by building their confidence and self-esteem as well.”

TheFayette County teacher who is awarded the Teacher of the Month for November is Ms. Mary Beth Grabhorn, an 8th Grade science teacher at Bennett’s Mill Middle School.  Ms. Grabhorn’s students are touched by the amount of love and attention she shows each and every one of them.  She takes the time to get their input and feedback, and rewards their hard work with “Awesome Blossoms”, making them feel appreciated and giving them a sense of accomplishment.  Most of all, her students appreciate her sense of humor and her ability to make learning fun.  Ms. Grabhorn was moved by receiving the award and sends out a great big “thank you” to her students.

The Coweta County Teacher of the Month is Ms. Beth Donahue.  Ms. Donahue is a special education teacher at Arnco-Sargent Elementary School.  She works full time at her school and serves in the local middle school program at her church, all while earning her Master’s Degree in Education in order to be the best teacher she can.  Ms. Donahue’s love and commitment to children speaks for itself, and her students and their parents greatly appreciate everything she does. 

We’d like to thank Ms. Grabhorn and Ms. Donahue for everything that they do for their students and our children, and for being among a select few who go above and beyond their peers and their pay grades.  As a token of our gratitude for these outstanding local educators, each of these ladies have received a $200 check for school supplies and a $25 gift card to Partner’s Pizza.

To nominate a teacher for December’s Teacher of the Month Award, please visit www.LocalTeacherOfTheMonth.com and complete the nomination form by December 20th.




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