Recently a Georgia man died when his vehicle slid under an 18-wheeler that refused to yield at a Gwinnett County intersection. This type of accident occurs because of the height difference between cars and trucks. Underride and override semi-truck accidents are some the deadliest accidents on Georgia highways.
Underride Truck Accidents

An underride semi-truck accident occurs when a car crashes into the back of a truck and then continues to travel under the body of the truck. When this occurs, the back of the truck intrudes into the interior of the car. The truck slams into anything in its way, including car’s passengers.   For this reason, under-ride accidents are often fatal. When passengers survive underride accidents, they often sustain serious brain injury and spinal cord injuries.
An underride accident can occur if a truck suddenly stops or turns into the path of a car and the driver of the passenger car cannot stop in time to prevent a collision.
OverrideTruck Accidents
Override truck accidents are similar to underride truck crashes. But, in override truck accidents the large truck rides over the smaller car in front of it. 
Common causes of override truck accidents include: 

• Tailgating
• Traveling too fast for conditions
• Faulty brakes and poor truck maintenance
• Driver inattention
• Driver fatigue
Can these deadly crashes be prevented?
Many 18-wheelers have additional guards or bumpers installed around the bottom of the truck.  These guards prevent cars from sliding under the truck. While a semi-truck wreck may still result in serious injury, death and permanent disability may be prevented. 
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