When filing a personal injury claim, a Peachtree personal injury lawyer may prove beneficial to your case. Interpreting certain laws and how they may impact your claim could be complicated. For instance, each state has seat belt laws in place to keep drivers and passengers safe on the roadways. 

The rules are different for every state, so it is important to be aware of the laws in your state. Georgia seat belt laws can be confusing because there are many exemptions and special laws for children. Wearing a seat belt is important not only because it keeps you safe, but also because it can help you in an injury claim. 

Georgia Seat Belt Laws for Drivers and Adult Passengers 

Georgiaseat belt laws require those sitting in the front seat of a passenger vehicle (car, pickup truck, sport utility vehicle or van designed to carry fewer than 10 passengers) to be restrained by a seat belt. However, there are many exceptions to this rule, including: 

  • those who frequently stop and get out of the vehicle (for example, for making deliveries), as long as the vehicle is travelling at a speed at or below 15 miles per hour;
  • those who have a written statement from a licensed medical professional stating that they have a medical reason as to why they are unable to use a seat belt;
  • those who drive a vehicle manufactured before 1965;
  • those who are driving the vehicle in reverse; and
  • those who are using a passenger vehicle for emergency purposes or for delivering newspapers. 

Are you a victim of an accident? A PeachtreeCitypersonal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Shane Smith can help. An attorney can inform you of how not following Georgia seat belt law can affect your injury claim. Call them today at 1-770-487-8999. 

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