Peachtree city is a Georgia community in which semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles are an everyday sight. Semi-trucks have a much higher center of gravity than other vehicles, increasing the risk of rollover accidents. Rollover accidents occur when a truck rolls over onto its side or even becomes inverted, coming to rest upside down. Because the wheels of a truck that has rolled over are no longer in contact with the ground, the driver no longer is in control of the vehicle, making it extremely dangerous to people around it. In many cases, people injured by truck that has rolled over can recover compensation for their injuries and other losses, so it is important for victims to discuss their case with an attorney as soon as possible.

Common Ways Driver Error can Cause Rollover Accidents

While many parties can be at fault in a rollover accident, a significant number are caused by truck driver error. When truck driver negligence causes an accident, the driver or the driver’s employer can very often be held liable for the losses that victims sustain. There are many potential kinds of truck driver error that could result in a rollover accident, including the following:


  • Speeding

  • Taking turns too fast

  • Improperly loading cargo

  • Not securing cargo

  • Failing to conduct a pre-trip inspection


These are just a few examples of the kinds of driver error that could cause a rollover accident, and an truck accident lawyer familiar with litigating these kinds of cases will be able spot any evidence of negligence that may exist.

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