When a pedestrian is involved in an accident with a motor vehicle, it may result in serious injuries. To reduce the risk of a pedestrian accident, Georgia has passed a number of laws that should be observed by both pedestrians and motorists. Understanding these statutes is important for any person who uses walking as a means of transportation. 

Unfortunately, even though there are laws to protect pedestrians, accidents may still occur. If you were hurt in a collision, an Atlanta pedestrian accident attorney can help you file a personal injury claim to obtain compensation that is necessary for your recovery and time off work. 


When a pedestrian needs to cross the road, the safest place to do so is at a marked crosswalk. At a crosswalk, motorists must yield the right of way to the pedestrian and must not drive forward until the pedestrian has reached the other side of the road. Driving around, cutting off, or squeezing by a pedestrian on a cross walk is illegal and could result in a ticket. 

That said, pedestrians are prohibited from leaving the curb, and walking into the path of an oncoming vehicle when it is impractical for the motorist to yield or stop. This could result in an accident, and the pedestrian could assume liability for the collision. 

Pedestrian Crossing Signals 

Pedestrian crossing signals are often located at intersections and other marked areas to direct pedestrians when to walk or stop. If a pedestrian sees the word or symbol for 'Walk', it is safe to cross the street. If a pedestrian comes to a crosswalk, and sees the flashing or solid 'Don't Walk' signal, he or she should remain on the sidewalk until the signal changes to 'Walk'. 

When the flashing 'Don't Walk' signal is on, pedestrians already walking on the crosswalk can continue until they reach the other side of the street. This signal does not give vehicles the right of way to begin driving through the crosswalk while a pedestrian is still present. 

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