Most drivers and pedestrians consider a green light to be safe—meaning that it is safe to drive through an intersection with a green light and it is safe to walk across the intersection on a green light; however, green lights are not always safe. In fact, many pedestrians have been hit and seriously injured while crossing the road on a green light.

Why Are Green Lights Not So Safe for Pedestrians?

Pedestrians need to be careful not to confuse green traffic signal lights with pedestrian controls. For example, vehicles may have a green light, but pedestrians may have a hand symbol or “don’t walk” signal. If pedestrians ignore the pedestrian signal and cross with the green light, they may get struck from turning cars that have the right-of-way. This is why it is important that pedestrians always follow the pedestrian controls instead of just the green light.

While pedestrians need to do their part to stay safe, drivers are typically the cause of the majority of pedestrian accidents and injuries at green lights. This is because drivers often do not look out for pedestrians before making a turn. Some examples of drivers causing pedestrian accidents at green lights include:

  • Drivers speed up to make a left turn in front of oncoming traffic – drivers are so focused on finding a gap in traffic to make the left-hand turn that pedestrians are completely overlooked
  • Drivers step on the gas to make a right turn when the light turns green but fail to see a pedestrian crossing
  • Drivers are annoyed by pedestrians in general and zoom through the intersection before the pedestrian
  • Drivers fail to yield to pedestrians because the crosswalk isn’t marked
  • Drivers are distracted and texting while driving or lost and using the navigation system that they don’t see a pedestrian

Most serious Norcross pedestrian accidents at intersections occur because drivers fail to look before turning. Sadly, pedestrians often suffer serious injuries including upper extremity injuries to their head, neck, chest, shoulders, and back. The speed and angle of the impact will often determine the seriousness of the injury and the location of the injury. While some pedestrian accidents in Georgia result in broken bones, others result in traumatic brain injuries and other disabling injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a negligent driver, you may have rights to a financial recovery for your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and more. To find out more, contact an experienced Norcross pedestrian accident attorney at the Law Offices of Shane Smith in a free consultation at 770.487.8999 today.

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