Exercise is important, especially with the rise of the obesity epidemic in the United States.  For many people who cannot afford a gym membership or are intimidated by fancy equipment, walking is the easiest form of exercise there is.  Other people choose walking simply for pleasure, or because it is a cheap (often free) form of transportation.  Choosing to walk short distances instead of a driving a motor vehicle not only helps cut back on fuel costs, but is also better for the environment.  Unfortunately, by choosing to walk, you are putting yourself at risk of a pedestrian accidents.  If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, call and experienced Newnan pedestrian accident attorney today to discuss your case.


Senior adults and school-aged children are the top two groups of pedestrians who are regularly injured in pedestrian accidents.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that on average, in the 2000's, approximately 52,000 senior adults visited the emergency room every year due to injuries sustained in pedestrian accidents.  The large majority of these injuries were caused by either the senior adult falling on a curb or unsteady sidewalk, of being hit by a motor vehicle.  Children are another group of people who seem especially prone to pedestrians accidents.  This is likely because children are less familiar with pedestrian and traffic safety rules and laws, and because children often walk to and from school or throughout their neighborhoods.  Children often do not appreciate the risks of walking along a road, and may dart out in front of cars or not follow traffic signals more often than adults.


Cities have a responsibility to keep their sidewalks safe for pedestrians of all ages, and drivers of motor vehicles have a responsibility to share the road safely with pedestrians.  If you are injured in a pedestrian accident due to unsafe sidewalks, intersections, dimly lit roads, malfunctioning traffic signals, or drivers who are not paying attention or following traffic laws, you should be able to recover for your injuries.  Walking should be safe and fun for all Americans, and pedestrians should feel safe doing so.  If you are injured in a pedestrian accident by either unsafe conditions or a driver, call the Law Offices of Shane Smith today at (770) 487-8999 for a free consultation.  As as experienced pedestrian accident attorney in Newnan, Shane Smith can help you receive the settlement you deserve.

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