People who are injured in accidents that occur due to someone else’s negligence deserve to be compensated by the responsible party for their injuries and other financial losses.  However, many accident victims are focused on getting the proper medical treatment and rehabilitation to recover from their injuries and return to work and their normal lives.  The last thing on their minds may be to contact a Coweta County personal injury attorney to discuss a possible case in court.  In fact, many victims believe that filing a lawsuit will just add more stress to their lives.  Other victims also believe that they will not have a good chance of recovering, so put off looking into a possible case.


However, accident victims should always make consulting with an attorney a priority, no matter how difficult it may seem.  If victims wait too long, they may be prohibited from making a claim at all.  This is because Georgia law sets out a two year statute of limitations for personal injury cases.  A statute of limitations is a law that sets a time limit after which a lawsuit will be dismissed and barred for good.


Due to the statute of limitations in Georgia, you must file a lawsuit within two years from the date the injury actually occurred.  Furthermore, filing a lawsuit takes some preparation, so you want to give your attorney ample time to investigate the details of your case and file a claim.  Though there are limited exceptions that put the statute of limitations on hold, these exceptions apply to very specific circumstances and the majority of cases must abide by the two year time limit.

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