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PI Attorney I The Grieving Process Understood

Gwinnett County PI Attorney Shane Smith Details the Grieving Process For Family Members of Personal Injury Incidents

According to the Mayo Clinic, losing a loved one is a serious event in a family’s life and the loss can be triggered by known and unknown events.

Immediately, and for some time after a loved one dies from the negligence or recklessness of another, families experience a long list of emotions, including sadness, anger, hopelessness – some or all depending on each family member. However, after some time, while the loss is never completely gone, families have learned how to cope and move on, unique events in the family’s lives and the deceased’s individual’s life may trigger emotional responses. Speaking with a Georgia PI attorney can help victims obtain closure through the legal system, especially if a personal injury claim is available.

There are many things that many people may think of that can trigger an emotional response – their birthday, or a wedding anniversary. However, there are other things that not everyone may think of that may trigger a response. Some examples include the scent of a food, a cologne or perfume. Other triggers include a piece of music or a place your loved one used to talk about or visit.  

Depending on the family member’s relationship with the deceased loved one and the type of triggering it has with the family member, emotional responses can include, and may not always be immediate, are:

  • Hopelessness
  • Grief
  • Insomnia

These emotions are natural and there are some ways to channel the emotions constructively. This includes:

  • Anticipating memories and highlighting the good parts about your loved one and the experience.
  • Have a social support system. Talking about it with other family members is often therapeutic to give perspective and share each other’s shots.
  • Develop new family events around the deceased relative’s memory. Donate to a cause that supports your loved one’s passion.

Applying these recommendations to the inevitable emotional response will help you cope with the loss of your loved one and help steer one’s emotions into honoring their loved one’s legacy. Along with honoring a deceased family member, speaking with a Georgia PI lawyer will determine one’s legal options if their death was caused by a responsible party. The Law Offices of Shane Smith offers a free legal consultation with a Gwinnett County PI lawyer. During the initial consultation, individuals who believe their loved one was killed by a responsible party can see if a personal injury claim exists after they speak with a Duluth PI attorney.    

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