How Do You Know When You Have a Fayette County Slip and Fall Case?

People who own a house, commercial or retail building have a duty to make sure their floors are safe to walk on. There is a reasonable expectation that the premises will be free of obstructions, spills and have their floors cleaned by in-house or independent contractors on a regular basis.

In order to have a slip and fall claim in the state of Georgia and prove premises liability, the injured party must prove all three of the following:

  • The owner of the premises was the direct cause of the slip and fall
  • The owner of the premises did know or should have known about the floor being dangerous
  • The owner of the premises was negligent in fixing the dangerous floor conditions and/or issuing warnings about the dangerous floor conditions.

The next step in order to commence a Peachtree City slip and fall case is to have legal status. Most, if not all customers entering a store or employees entering their place of work fall under the status of an “invitee.” An “invitee” is defined as a person who is “invited” to the premises on a single or regular basis. This invitation can be done through an explicit or implicit method.

Once the status of the claimant is established, the next step is to determine where in fact the Fayette County slip and fall accident occurred. Along with the owner’s premises, there are additional areas where Georgia premises liability falls and include its “approaches.” Approaches include any property, walkways, parking areas, stairs, elevators where customers, employees or other invitees would reasonable expect to use when it comes to entering and exiting the establishment.

Recent court decisions have decided that keeping the approaches and premises safe was part of the owner’s legal duty. Customers, employees and other invitees who have been victims of crimes, fires and other civil and criminal claims have held the premises’ owner liable under this legal concept.

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