Distracted driving accidents killed 3,092 people in 2010 according to the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT). Additionally, it is estimated that 18 percent of auto accidents that year involved distracted drivers.


Consulting a Clayton County attorney after an auto accident involving a distracted driver enhances a victim's ability to receive a reasonable settlement. If you have been injured in an automobile accident involving a distracted driver in Clayton County you should discuss your case with an auto accident attorney at the Law Offices of Shane Smith.


Police in Cobb County are cracking down on distracted driving after a dramatic increase in the number of rear-end accidents this year. Law enforcement officials attribute the increase in such accidents to distracted driving which causes drivers to follow too closely.


As a result of these accidents, the Marietta Police Department has focused their attention on vehicles following too closely to the car in front of them. Police have complained that enforcing the statewide ban on texting while driving is difficult because it is legal to talk on a phone and discerning between dialing and texting is not always clear. However, vehicles that follow too closely can be cited even before an accident occurs and it is not necessary to verify that the driver is texting.


In Gwinnett County, some officers are counting keystrokes if they cannot see a cell phone screen. If the user makes more than 10 keystrokes then he is not dialing a number and he is often cited.


If you or someone you know has been hurt by a distracted driver, meet with a Clayton County auto accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Shane Smith.

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