According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 2,597 people were killed in United States traffic accidents in December 2010. Of those, 775 deaths involved alcohol-impaired drivers. A 2006 study by the NHTSA estimated that there is one drunk driving fatality in the United States every 30 minutes.

Georgia's Driving Under the Influence Laws are complex. Georgia DUI injury attorney Shane Smith can sort through the intermingled laws that potentially create complications in a DUI case.

A 46-year-old police sergeant was arrested and charged with DUI in another state after being pulled over for a traffic violation. The officer who pulled the sergeant over contacted an outside law enforcement agency which arrested him.

The sergeant's law enforcement department appeared to be protecting him, claiming that the DUI charge was "regrettable" and announcing that he would retain his $128,000 job until the case is resolved. His blood alcohol concentration information was not released to the public though others who were arrested for DUI on the same evening had theirs available in public records. The arrest report indicated that the sergeant was placed under arrest 25 minutes after being initially stopped by the officer in his department; the timing indicated little question about his intoxication as the officer called another law enforcement agency after realizing the driver was a sergeant in his department.

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