Sending weekly emails to your customers can wear thin pretty quickly, even if they initially request them. What often works out better is to simply offer a monthly email newsletter that contains one or more timely news articles about your company or industry, as well as a discount on one of your products or services.                                                                                           

As the information above indicates, your communications with customers should always be based upon providing them with some type of useful information. However, you should never directly “pitch” your products or services when staying in touch – unless you have a brand new product or service available. Even then, you should only briefly mention it at the end of your newsletter and indicate who your customers can call, if interested, or provide website link to where they can learn more about it.  

Here are some other ways you can politely stay in touch with customers without wearing out your welcome. Obviously, every time they see your name or your company’s, you’ll be hoping they’ll realize they need to buy something from you again.

Good Ways to Stay in Touch with Customers

  • Monitor your customer’s blogs. Check to see if any of your customers maintain a blog on their company website – or a separate, personal one. Whenever you read something on there that truly impresses, be sure to leave a thoughtful comment or two. As one recent article on this topic notes, people often don’t get many comments about what they write on their blogs -- and they really appreciate it when someone takes the time to carefully endorse its contents;
  • Set up an “alert” that lets you track a customer’s name so you’ll know when they’ve recently published an article, spoken at a seminar/conference or been recognized for a special achievement in their field. This allows you to note that you ran across information about what they did and you can simply send them a short, congratulatory email;
  • Consider periodically interviewing some of your best customers on your company website. You can provide a general professional biography of the person and even include tips they would like to share with others in their industry or yours;
  • Create your own database of general, personal information about customers you often speak with or run into in public. This will allow you to make pleasant “small talk” regarding their families (if you know them really well) or recent company achievements. Consult this database frequently to update it and review your notes. You never know when a past customer may get in touch with you. People are always flattered when you reference their most recent achievements or activities.

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