Many times, athletes choose to play certain sports with the knowledge that injuries may occur.  Pulled muscles, torn ligaments, and other such injuries may be inevitable for certain athletes who regularly participate in sports.  However, some athletic injuries may be prevented if supervisors or coaches had taken some safety precautions or other reasonable measures.  This is especially true in youth sports programs, because children often do not realize the risks involved in playing sports or the importance of safety measures.  However, even in adult recreational leagues, the governing program has a responsibility to follow and enforce rules and regulations to avoid injury to players.  If you or your child has suffered a personal injury playing sports, call a Coweta County personal injury attorney to see if you can recover for your injury.

Recovery is available for athletes who suffer injury if the coaches or others in charge of the sports program acted negligently.  Such negligent behavior may include:

  • Poorly maintained surfaces or field
  • Providing defective equipment
  • Failure to provide protective equipment
  • Inadequate warm ups or training prior to playing
  • Demanding or allowing workouts that are too difficult for players’ skill levels
  • Improperly trained or abusive coaches
  • Allowing an injured athlete to continue playing

Whether competitive or recreational, sports should be played in a safe and fun atmosphere.  If coaches, referees, or other people in charge behave in a negligent manner and cause injury, they should be held liable for their behavior. 

In many sports programs, players and/or their guardians may be required to sign a liability waiver.  You may believe that a liability waiver bars you completely from bringing action against the sports program for injuries.  However, recovery may be possible under certain circumstances, which is why it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer with experience in athletic injuries.  The Law Offices of Shane Smith is dedicated to helping you recover whenever possible.  Call us today at 770-487-8999.

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