Pedestrian-motor vehicle accidents account for more than 76,000 pedestrian deaths in the last 15 years.  According to a recent study by Transportation for America, Atlanta ranks tenth on the list of most dangerous cities for pedestrians in the United States.
Causes of Atlanta car-pedestrian crashes include mistakes by both drivers and pedestrians.  In this article, we will focus on pedestrian behaviors that can lead to traffic accidents.  You can read about driver-caused accidents in our article: “How Do Drivers Cause Atlanta Pedestrian Accidents?”
1.  Ignoring traffic signals:  Walk/Don’t Walk signals are timed so that pedestrians have just enough time to get from one end of the intersection to the other.  For this reason, you should never start walking once the signal starts blinking. A blinking walk lite means there is not enough time to cross safely.  Although drivers must yield to pedestrian in the crosswalk, one cannot count on impatient drivers following the law. Learn more about crosswalk safety in our article, “Preventing Atlanta Crosswalk Accidents
2.  Jaywalking: Crossing in the middle of the street in order to save a few minutes puts pedestrian lives at risk.  Drivers don’t expect pedestrians in the middle of the road and may not have time to react.  If there are no crosswalks available, cross at an intersection. 
3. Children:  Children may run into traffic without thinking about danger.  Sometimes parents ignore danger to run after their children.  Children under the age of ten should not play near roads unsupervised. They lack the necessary depth perception to safely navigate traffic.  To learn more about child pedestrian safety, read our library article: “Safe to School in Atlanta - 8 Tips to Keep Child Pedestrians Safe.” 
4. Walking on roads not meant for pedestrians:  Some roads such as freeways and access roads are built to be used only by motor vehicles.   These roads are usually marked with signs stating that pedestrians are not allowed.  Don’t walk on highways even if your car disabled and you need help.  Instead, stay in your vehicle with your seat belt on and call for help.
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