According to statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 4.7 million people each year are bitten by dogs. 800,000 of these people see medical attention for these bites, and over half of these individuals are children. Dog bites can range in severity from causing minor cuts or scratches to requiring reconstructive surgery to correct. These incidents can result in pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of work, disfigurement, or even could be fatal. As a result, a victim of a dog bite may be entitled to recover compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

The group most at risk of sustaining a dog bite injury is young children, particularly those from 5 to 9 years old. In addition, men are more likely to be bitten than women; in addition, people with dogs in the home are more likely to sustain dog bites than people who do not have dogs in the home. This risk significantly increases with multiple dogs, as people with 2 or more dogs in the home are 5 times more likely to be bitten than people living without dogs.

Fortunately, dog bites can be prevented by taking steps to minimize the risk of aggressive dog behavior. For example, even before you bring a dog into your home, who should consult with a professional with experience with gods to determine what type of breed would best suit your circumstances. Dogs with aggressive tendencies are not good for a home with children, and a person should be aware if a child is nervous or afraid around dogs. If this is the case, it would likely be best to wait until the child becomes more comfortable before bringing a dog into the home. It is also important to spend time with a dog before bringing it into your home. Pick a dog that suits the disposition of your household; for example, consider factors such as your activity level, how often you are at home, how much space you have, or your family size before adding a dog to your household. Additionally, make sure your dog is properly trained and socialized early on. If your dog does show aggressive characteristics, avoid playing games that reinforce aggressive behavior.

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With education and prevention, most dog bites can be prevented. In the unfortunate circumstance that you or a loved one does suffer from a dog bite, and experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney can help determine whether you may have a claim. There are steps that you should take immediately after being bitten to help maximize your chances of successfully recovering for you injuries.

  • Record information about the dog and its owner
  • Get contact information for any witnesses
  • Seek medical attention, if necessary
  • Contact a personal injury attorney

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