Motorcycle crashes can cause serious injury.  As reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in the 2000's, over 1.2 million motorcyclists required treatment by emergency rooms for motorcycle-related injuries, and approximately 34,000 motorcyclists died from their injuries.  The highest rates of injury and death were among ages 20-24, and the second highest age group was 25-29.  Young motorcycle riders in their 20's are also the least likely to wear protective gear, such as helmets or proper clothing.  This is likely not a coincidence.


In nonfatal accidents, the most injured body parts reported injured were:


  • Leg or foot – 30%
  • Head or neck –22%
  • Upper Trunk – 20%
  • Arm or hand – 18%
  • Lower Trunk – 8%
  • Other or Unknown – 3%


As seen by these figures, nearly one fourth of injuries are reported to the head or neck.  Even if such injuries are not fatal, head injuries can cause severe, debilitating and life changing brain damage, or neck injuries can cause paralysis or other serious physical or nerve complications.  Injuries to the legs and feet, the most common injury according to the CDC, can inhibit basic mobility, such as walking or driving, and can significantly affect a person's everyday life.  Any injury from a motorcycle accident can require months or years of physical therapy and rehabilitation, and many motorcyclists never fully recover.


Most of these injuries can be avoided or mitigated by wearing the appropriate protective gear.  Helmets can protect the neck and head, while thick clothing, such as leather pants and jackets, can protect the trunk and other extremities.  While riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous, you can lessen the injuries from an accident by taking the proper precautions and wearing the correct clothing and helmet.


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