A great many of us crave promotions because they often provide higher salaries, the chance to shoulder more interesting duties -- or the opportunity to move to a more desirable part of the country. Yet regardless of why you may want one, there are specific steps you can take that can help you greatly increase your chances of receiving a promotion.                                                           

Just keep in mind that timing is critical when trying to climb the corporate ladder – you should never request a promotion until you think your “superiors” are very likely to grant one to you. Of course, even if they turn you down, you can use the experience to learn what you may need to do to increase your chances of receiving one in the future.                                                             

The following tips contained in a recent Forbes article may help you properly position yourself for the promotion you believe can help you realize new dreams and ambitions.

Important Steps to Take Before Requesting a Promotion

  1. Make sure you’ve clearly demonstrated your various special skills in your current position before every requesting a promotion. As one expert has put it, “[Be sure you] go the extra mile with every responsibility you take on.” Be willing to ask if you can shoulder added duties when you know someone else is on vacation or when a new assignment is proving extra difficult for your team;
  2. Never just assume your bosses know that you’d like a promotion. You’ll need to bring up this desire at the proper time and place. Perhaps it will be after your boss compliments you on a job well done one day or shortly after you hear that one of your superiors is about to accept a new promotion and you’d like to step into his/her shoes. If you’ve never managed other employees, it’s a good idea to gain some experience in this area before ever asking to move into a position that regularly involves this duty;
  3. If you’ve been turned down in the past by this company for a promotion, consider politely inquiring why you weren’t chosen. Perhaps you’ll find out that you need to take some new classes (either at the company’s expense or your own) that will help you become more fully prepared to take on new duties in your field. Be sure you’re ready to hear what you’re told as constructive criticism;
  4. Become a much more positive person on the job, eager to sincerely praise others and recognize their contributions to various projects. Never do anything to undermine your co-workers. By lifting them up, you may actually be gaining new support for your own desire to climb up the corporate ladder;
  5. Let your consistent actions prove your trustworthiness and dedication to all of those around you. Try to get to work early and ask your boss or other supervisors periodically if there are new skills you should work toward on your own time that might make you a better candidate for future promotions.                                                                                                     

Even if you get turned down the next time you apply for a promotion, you’ll learn plenty about yourself that can help you better decide if there are other opportunities “out there” that are more in keeping with your talents.

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