When someone close to you dies in a car accident, work accident, or due to another reason, it is easy to blame the other person involved such as the other driver, coworker, or boss. While there is reason to blame others in certain situations for a love one’s death, you have to have more than just a feeling to blame someone for the death of your loved one. There needs to be proof to establish fault in a wrongful death case. 

Proving Fault in a Georgia Wrongful Death Claim

When you file a wrongful death lawsuit in Georgia to seek justice for the wrongs your family has suffered and to seek financial damages from the person responsible for your loved one’s death, you need to have proof of fault to include:

  • Proof that certain person(s) had a duty to act in a certain way but failed to do so 
  • Proof that the failure to do something or act in a certain way by that person(s) caused the fatal injury to your loved one

These are fundamentals to any wrongful death claim in order for a case to stand in court. If you believe there is a responsible party but you don’t have enough proof to show that person failed to act accordingly, then you need to talk with an experienced Atlanta wrongful death attorney. 

After evaluating your case, a skilled attorney will know if your claim is lawful and will be able to help you collect the evidence you need to seek justice and a financial recovery. Evidence that an experienced wrongful death lawyer may collect includes:

  • Documents such as medical reports and tests
  • Declarations from witnesses
  • Police reports
  • Expert testimony
  • Video surveillance 
  • And more

Because an experienced Atlanta wrongful death lawyer will know how to handle the case, what evidence to look for, what questions to ask, and how to establish fault in your wrongful death claim, there is no time to waste. Call a knowledgeable wrongful death attorney today to discuss your legal rights. 

If your family member died due to someone else’s wrongful or negligent actions, please call Shane Smith Law at 770-HURT-999 for a free consultation with a Georgia wrongful death attorney today.

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