When a pedestrian gets hit by any type of motor vehicle, the resulting injuries can be catastrophic.  Every year in the United States, pedestrians are involved in collisions with trucks, buses, passenger vehicles, and motorcycles on a regular basis.  However, according to the Department of Transportation (DOT), 2013 has been a particularly rough year for pedestrians and trains.  Though people have died in train and pedestrian collisions every single year since 1997, statistics show that the number of these accidents has risen significantly this year.  If you have been involved in any type of pedestrian accident and have suffered injury, it is important to contact a Palmetto pedestrian accident attorney for help with a possible case.

The DOT reports the following statistics for the first half of 2013 versus the first half of 2012:




Number of Injuries



Number of Fatalities



This shows an increase of 26% in deaths alone for the first six months of 2013.  This is the largest increase in pedestrian-train collisions in a single year, as last year it only rose 7.5%.

The DOT reports that railroad tracks are actually private property, therefore people who walk on the tracks are considered trespassers.  However, trains tracks go through many neighborhoods across the country, and often cutting across the tracks serves as an easy shortcut rather than only crossing at marked intersections.  The DOT also believes that people have “lost respect” for trains and do not fully appreciate the risks involved when walking on the tracks.  Trains travel at high speeds and often cannot stop in time once the conductor notices a person on the tracks, especially at night.  The DOT recommends that people avoid trespassing on train tracks at all times in order to avoid accidents.

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