Valentine’s Day and Night Can Be Very Tragic with Deadly Raymond DUI Accidents

Valentine’s Day is a light-hearted holiday devoted to showing one’s love to each other. Sometimes romantic dinners or an evening for Valentine’s Day involves excessive consumption of alcohol. Unfortunately, because some Georgia residents cannot or will not show restraint with alcohol consumption, Raymond DUI accidents inevitably occur.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2009, 37 percent of all fatal crashes involved operators with blood alcohol content (BAC) levels of 0.08 or more. Valentine’s Day 2013 is going to have a lot more public safety awareness campaigns about driving sober and designated drivers.

Maintaining the Roads of Raymond and Georgia Safe This Valentine’s Day

There will be plenty of underage operators going out to dinner, going on movie dates and even having dates at home all involving alcohol. Sadly, they will have friends, older siblings and even parents buy alcoholic beverages for their Valentine’s Day celebrations. Even though they think are more adult-like, their smaller bodies and still forming brains will put them at an even greater risk of having a Coweta County DUI accident. Underage drinkers are at a greater risk for DUI accidents because their smaller bodies cannot process alcohol as efficiently and their judgment is not fully development as an adult – never-mind they are breaking the law.

To reduce the number of Georgia DUI accidents and alcohol related fatalities on our State roads, Traffic Safety Marketing which is working with the U. S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is running annual Drunk Driving Prevention Campaigns. Similar to their national St. Patrick’s Day anti-drunk driving campaigns, Raymond, Coweta County and law enforcement officials all over Georgia are running their own anti-drunk driving campaigns.

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Public safety officials want to make sure that everyone has a safe and memorable Valentine’s Day. They have come up with some common sense and effective tips that will make your Valentine’s Day as enjoyable and safe as possible:

  • Wherever you do celebrate, stay off the road
  • Select a designated driver before you begin celebrating
  • If you consume any alcohol do not drive
  • Call for a cab or plan to have a loved one pick you up if you plan on consuming alcohol

Coweta County law enforcement officials want everyone to have a memorable Valentine’s Day for 2013 and many years into the future. Driving drunk impacts more than just the drunk driver and his or her occupants.

If you have sustained injuries in a Georgia DUI Accident due to someone else’s failure to operate their vehicle sober, contact the Law Offices of Shane Smith at (888) 927-6955 to understand your legal rights. An experienced DUI attorney will be able to look at your circumstances and help you get your life back.

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