When a loved one is killed unexpectedly due an accident, medical malpractice, or violence, family members are often left with sudden expenses in addition to their grief.  Because by law, a deceased person cannot bring a lawsuit against the person responsible for their untimely death, the courts allow the family of the deceased to bring a legal claim on their behalf.  This is called a wrongful death claim.  If you have lost a loved one at the fault of another person, call a Coweta County wrongful death attorney to help you file a claim.


The law entitles families to recover the amount a deceased person would have received had they lived and sued themselves.  For example, imagine a person who is injured in an auto accident that is someone's else's fault, and receives emergency medical care, surgery, and treatment, and is no longer able to work due to their injuries.  The injured person would be able to sue for reimbursement of all medical costs and future lost wages.  If that person ultimately succumbs to the injuries, the family would be able to bring an action to recover for the same medical bills and future lost wages.  Simply because a victim of an accident, malpractice, or violence dies, it does not mean that the responsible party is let off the hook.  They can still be held responsible in court.


Wrongful death suits are important, because a family could suddenly lose their primary breadwinner.  Without the ability to recover financial damages, they could find themselves losing their home, possessions, cars, etc.  This financial hardship would be in addition to the already devastating loss of their loved one.  Though money cannot replace a lost family member, it can certainly help ease additional stresses on the surviving family.


If you have lost a loved one due to an unexpected accident or event, you should not have to worry about the financial issues, as well.  An experienced wrongful death lawyer can help ease your worries by getting you the settlement you deserve.  Call the Law Offices of Shane Smith today at (770) 487-8999 to discuss your case.

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