Having a child can be an exciting and frightening experience all at once. Mothers-to-be often depend on doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff to make sure that the child birth process goes as smoothly and safely as possible, with both mother and baby healthy and happy afterward. However, people who work in hospital are only human and can make mistakes like everyone else. Sadly, these mistakes can result in devastating injuries for the mother, baby, or both. Many injuries that occur during childbirth may cause long-lasting effects and may sometimes even be fatal. If you or your child has suffered an injury during childbirth, you should always contact an experienced Coweta County personal injury lawyer to see how you can recover.


Common birth injuries

Some serious injuries result from the following common mistakes made by doctors, nurses, and medical staff during childbirth:


  • Not identifying issues with the baby’s umbilical cord or positioning;
  • Failing to adequately monitor the oxygen intake and heart rate of the baby during all stages of delivery;
  • Failing to react quickly enough to any problems by performing a caesarean section or other emergency procedure in a timely fashion;
  • Not monitoring the mother following birth to identify blood loss, ruptured placenta, or other complications;
  • Failing to provide proper treatment or dosage of medication to premature or unstable babies in the NICU.


These mistakes could cause serious complications and conditions for both child and mother. For instance, a child who does not receive enough oxygen during birth may suffer from cerebral palsy or other permanent physical or developmental disabilities.

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