According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), there were 23,640 fatalities on Georgia's highways between 1994 and 2008. Not surprisingly, the most urban area, Fulton County, had 124 deaths. Clayton County highways were ranked third in the greatest number of fatalities with 48. Georgia ranked in the top 20 states for highway fatalities.


Though the traffic congestion of urban areas seems conducive with a high number of accidents and related fatalities, Georgia's rural roads are arguably even more dangerous. Statistics from the DOT show that in 2007 there were 527 deaths on Georgia's rural roads and 342 fatalities on highways.


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According to an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study, red light cameras installed at troublesome intersections reduced the number of fatal accidents at those corners. The study reviewed 99 cities with populations over 200,000 and then compared fatal crashes between 2004-2008 and 1992-1996, the latter period being used as a comparison point prior to red light camera programs.


According to the study, 159 lives were saved because of the red light cameras. It concludes that over the same period, 815 lives could have been saved if more major cities used red light cameras at major intersections. The study concluded that drivers are more attentive at intersections with red light cameras.


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