While negligent drivers are responsible for the majority of pedestrian accidents in Georgia and throughout this nation, pedestrians also are to blame for causing some accidents and injuries. Most pedestrian accidents occur because one party is breaking an actual law or a common-sense law, such as:

  • Texting while driving
  • Texting while walking
  • Ignoring stop signs or traffic lights
  • Walking when the cross sign says “Don’t Walk”
  • Crossing the street outside of a crosswalk

Clearly there is no completely innocent party here. Pedestrians and drivers both need to follow the law to minimize accident injuries. Additionally, both pedestrians and drivers need to walk and drive defensively to reduce the risk of a pedestrian accident in Atlanta and throughout the State of Georgia. 

“Roadway safety is a two-way street that requires effort on the part of motorists and pedestrians alike,” stated U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. The figures indentify key areas of concern for pedestrians: city streets, intersections, night time, age, and alcohol.

What does this look like at intersections?

Despite the design of crosswalks at many intersections, intersections remain one of the primary areas for pedestrian accidents. This should urge drivers to be more aware of pedestrians at intersections, and should encourage pedestrians to look before stepping off the curb to cross the street. 

For instance, rather than walking across the street immediately after the crosswalk light displays “Walk,” pedestrians instead should look both ways for cars which may make a last-minute turn or for a driver who may not be looking for pedestrians. 

In the same manner, drivers should never turn across a crosswalk at an intersection without first looking for pedestrians. Drivers are required to yield to pedestrians. Accidents occur when drivers speed up to try to beat pedestrians across the crosswalk. If both parties participated in smart and defensive driving and walking, less accidents and injuries would take place.

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