Victims of traumatic brain injuries can face catastrophic consequences. Medical costs to treat serious head injuries can be extensive. Additionally, victims may suffer debilitation in both their personal and professional life. The second most likely cause of a serious brain injury is a fall. Falls can occur anytime and anywhere. Business owners have a duty to maintain their premises. While this task may be difficult when dealing with an expansive building, large amounts of foot traffic, and a multitude of employees, the duty remains. Victims of a fall on a business’s property face serious and potentially life-long consequences. Thus, victims of a traumatic brain injury sustained in a fall on a business’s property may be entitled to significant recovery.


The Center for Head Injury Services reports that there are 2 million traumatic brain injuries in the United States each year. 500,000 of these injuries require hospitalization. 70,000 – 90,000 of those who survive will have lifelong disabilities, and 2,000 more will live in a persistent vegetative state. A survivor of severe brain injury faces 5 to 10 years of intensive services and rehabilitation. The costs to treat severe brain injuries often exceed 4 million dollars. The financial and personal burden placed on both the victim and the victim’s family can be catastrophic.


21 percent of all traumatic brain injuries in the United States are a result of falls according to the Center for Head Injury Services. The likelihood of being the victim of a traumatic head injury is highest when participating in an activity undertaken by many American each day. For many Americans, this risk is unavoidable.


In order to provide victims of traumatic brain injuries proper medical care, it is important to identify the injury as quickly as possible. The Center for Head Injury Services provides the following reminders for victims of falls:


• Fall victims do not need to be knocked out or lose consciousness to sustain a brain injury.

• Fall victims do not need to strike their head in the accident to sustain a brain injury. Whiplash may lead to a significant brain injury.

• No head injury sustained in a fall should be taken lightly, even mild traumatic brain injuries may lead to cognitive impairments, which might affect a person’s ability to function normally personally or at work.


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