According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), intersections are where a disproportionate number of auto accidents occur. NHTSA data indicates that nearly 40 percent of all 2008 auto accidents happened at intersections.


Researchers are now experimenting with ways to make traveling through intersections faster and safer by using computerized traffic managers.


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Computerized traffic management systems seek to eliminate the unnecessary delay that occurs when moving traffic is forced to wait at red lights. Vehicles would contain communication devices that would relay information concerning speed to the traffic signal. The systems would communicate with vehicles so they could safely pass through most intersections without stopping. One research team found that such a system could reduce delays caused by intersections by up to 90 percent and reduce fuel consumption by up to 45 percent. The researchers speculated that such a system would also reduce intersection accidents.


Researchers at Virginia Tech indicated that the computerized traffic management systems would decrease the confusion or distraction involved in bringing multiple vehicles together at an intersection.


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