Many intersection accidents in Georgia have occurred because someone pulled in front of another car. Generally this happens when a driver makes a left turn across oncoming traffic, which may result in a head-on crash or a severe T-bone accident. Intersection accidents can also take place when someone turns right on a red light in front of traffic that has the right of way.

Intersections are the most dangerous traffic environment for all drivers, with left-hand turns the most dangerous traffic maneuver that any driver makes. For those who have lost someone close to them in an intersection accident, they may wonder if they would have lost their loved one if a roundabout would have been there in place of an intersection. 

While accidents do still occur in roundabouts, they are usually at slower speeds and aren’t as dangerous. Many accidents at roundabouts typically take place when the roundabout is first installed. When local residents are learning how to navigate through a roundabout, there are a number of fender benders that happen. However, once drivers get experienced with roundabouts, the number of accidents in these roundabout intersections go way down. Additionally, the number of injuries related to traffic accidents where the roundabouts have been installed are reduced.

Why Are Injuries Less Serious in Roundabout Accidents?

Because roundabouts eliminate left-hand turns, the vehicles traveling through roundabouts are not at risk for head-on crashes and severe T-bone accidents. With the design of roundabouts, many of the angles at signalized intersections have been eliminated, which reduces the number of severe and often fatal accidents that take place at most intersections. As everyone is traveling in the same direction and at slower speeds, the severity of the crashes are reduced.

A study from researchers at Ryerson Polytechnic University and the University of Maine analyzed crashes and injuries at 24 intersections before and after the construction of roundabouts. Their research reveals that after roundabouts were installed there were:

  • 90% fewer crashes that involved fatal or incapacitating injuries
  • 75% reduction in traffic delays

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also stated that roundabouts, in place of traffic signals and stop signs, have reduced motor vehicle crashes by 40 percent and by 80 percent for those crashes involving injuries.

Hopefully, we will see more traffic signals switched over to roundabouts. Until then, drivers are still at risk for very serious crashes and injuries. If you have been injured in an Atlanta auto accident, call the Law Offices of Shane Smith at 770-HURT-999 and speak with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer in a free consultation today.

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