Commercial truck accidents can cause devastating damage and injuries for victims. Though truck drivers have a duty to drive in a safe and lawful manner, truck accidents still happen on a regular basis. When a truck driver acts negligently and causes accidents and injuries, victims have the right to be compensated by the responsible driver for all of their losses. A experienced Coweta County truck accident lawyer will work to help truck accident victims receive the settlement they deserve.


Though motorists cannot control the actions of truck drivers, there are certain safety tips they can follow to help protect them against semi-truck accident. Some safety tips include the following:


  • Keep a safe distance—Trucks need more room to stop and maneuver than smaller vehicles. Never cut a truck off, as the space in between your vehicles may not be enough for the truck to react to your lane change and the truck may rear-end you.
  • Avoid blind spots—Commercial trucks have significantly larger blind spots than regular passenger cars. These blind spots are referred to as “no-zones” and exist along the sides of the trailer, directly behind the truck, and directly in front of a truck. Never linger in a truck’s no-zone. Instead, pass the truck as quickly as possible and always try to make sure you can see the truck’s side mirrors.
  • Do not pass turning trucks—Commercial trucks must make wide turns, due to their large trailers. If you try to pass a truck that is turning, the trailer may swing out and hit your vehicle.
  • Follow all traffic rules—Drivers should obey the speed limit, pass on the left, and follow right-or-way rules. If you follow the laws and drive in a predictable manner, you will have a better chance of avoiding truck accidents and resulting injuries.

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Even if you follow all the safety rules for driving around large commercial trucks, some circumstances may be out of your control and accidents and injuries may still occur. If you have suffered injury in an accident with a large tractor trailer, you should always contact an experienced truck accident attorney for assistance as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to call the Law Offices of Shane Smith at (770) 487-8999 today.


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