This month, approximately 55 million children ages 5-17 will return to school for the year, according to the United States Census Bureau.  An additional 21 million young adults will attend institutions to receive higher education degrees.  A top priority in schools should be to keep children of all ages safe from harm.  Unfortunately, news headlines over recent years remind us that that is not always possible.  However, school administrators, teachers, and staff have a duty to take reasonable action and measures to prevent injury to students.  If a preventable injury does occur because a school employee did not fully live up to their duty, the employee and the school may be held liable for those injuries.  No matter what grade your child is in, if he or she is injured while at school, you may be entitled to compensation.  A personal injury lawyer in Fayette County can help you and your child get the compensation you deserve.

When hundreds of children attend a school each day, it is impossible to prevent all accidents from occurring.  However, many accidents happen because a teacher or administrator fails to supervise or neglects his or her duties.  These accidents may include:

  • Injuries due to defective or dangerous playground equipment
  • Falls due to spills that have not been cleaned in a timely fashion
  • Sports injuries during physical education or after-school activities
  • Exposure to asbestos or other hazardous substances
  • Science lab accidents or explosions
  • Food poisoning from spoiled or contaminated cafeteria food
  • Accidents on the school bus
  • Sexual abuse by a school employee

These are only some examples of possible accidents and injuries that may occur on school grounds due to faculty or staff negligence.

Parents should never have to tolerate inadequate supervision or dangerous conditions at their child’s school.  If your student-aged child has been injured, make sure to contact an accident attorney as soon as possible.  Call the Law Offices of Shane Smith at 770-487-8999 for help today.

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