Semi trucks are the largest, heaviest vehicles on the road.  Trucks must deliver their cargo all over the country, and therefore truck drivers regularly encounter winding roads, hills, mountains, rural highways, and other potentially dangerous road conditions in the course of their every day work.  In order to ensure that trucks are safe to travel on America's roadways, companies and drivers must make certain to keep these giant trucks properly and regularly maintained.  If a truck is not properly maintained, numerous types of accidents can occur, and an accident between a semi truck and a passenger vehicle can cause serious injury and death.  If you have been injured in a trucking accident with a semi truck that was not properly maintained, call a Fayette County truck accident attorney to recover for your injuries.


Tire Inflation

One of the most important parts of a semi truck that should be regularly checked and maintained are the tires.  Sudden tire blow outs can run a truck off the road, cause the driver to lose control of the truck, and can have catastrophic effects on surrounding passenger vehicles.  Tire blow outs can be caused by tires that are under-inflated or over-inflated.  Therefore, the driver or mechanic responsible for checking truck tires should be very familiar with appropriate levels of inflation and constantly check for leaks to ensure inflation levels stay steady.



For seemingly obvious reasons, the brakes on a semi truck should be properly maintained.  Brake failure is dangerous in any vehicle, but a runaway truck with failed brakes is especially dangerous for any car in its path.  Brakes pads and lines should be regularly checked and repaired if necessary to avoid brake failure accidents.


Cargo Trailer

Drivers should always make certain that the cargo trailer is properly loaded and properly secured to the cab.  Cargo trailers can weigh tens of thousands of pounds and, if they come detached from a truck moving at sixty miles per hour, can be fatal to almost anyone in its wake.


Even though truck maintenance is a safety necessity, many truck drivers are careless or in too much of a hurry to properly check for maintenance needs.  If you are involved in an trucking accident that was the fault of the driver, call an experienced Fayette County truck accident attorney to discuss your case.  Call the Law Offices of Shane Smith at (770) 487-8999 today for a free consultation.

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