The Coweta County Teacher of the Month is Ms. Pam Smith, an Early Intervention teacher at Moreland Elementary School.  Ms. Smith is dedicated to helping children who struggle to meet minimum requirements, and works diligently to tailor instruction to best suit the child’s needs, ability levels, and interests.  ​She understands the importance of working as a team to help her students, so she stays in constant communication with her students’ parents and has even set up a “Team Tuesday” event for teachers at Moreland Elementary School to meet about struggling students and monitor progress together.  Ms. Smith always has a smile on her face and is always cheerful as she walks the halls of her school.  She says “I love teaching…I have the best job in the entire world!”  

Shane Smith and winner of Teacher of the Month, Laura Reeves

The Fayette County Teacher of the Month is Ms. Laura Reeves.  Ms. Reeves was recognized as the Peeples Elementary School Teacher of the Year for the 2011-2012 school year, and her continued devotion to her students has earned her the Fayette County Teacher of the Month award for September.  Ms. Reeves uses exciting stories to keep her students engaged and make learning fun, while also maintaining a structured learning environment.  Her enthusiasm and passion for teaching has even inspired her own son to become a teacher.

We’d like to thank Ms. Smith and Ms. Reeves for everything that they do for their students and our children, and for being among a select few who go above and beyond their peers and their pay grades.  To nominate a Coweta or Fayette County teacher, please go to

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