Given that some American cities have more residents who’ve obtained higher levels of education than others, should that reality play a key role in how your company makes certain decisions? Nevertheless, there’s a lot to be said for such other human traits like: (1) regularly exercising common sense, (2) being able to readily harness your creative energies and (3) having a strong work ethic that makes you willing to put in long hours when necessary.  

Perhaps the basic educational profile of a city should simply affect where a company decides to locate its various research components -- as opposed to its manufacturing sites. Obviously, if you’re hoping your scientists and engineers will partner with academic experts at major universities, you should locate some offices near these schools. Likewise, if you’re going to need a large blue-collar labor force near your manufacturing sites, it would be wise to study a map indicating which cities have an abundance of workers looking for these types of jobs.                 

Regardless of your specific company’s needs, it’s wise to keep the following information in mind – as to which American cities currently have the highest and lowest concentrations of highly educated residents.

Cities that Have the Most Highly Educated Workers

  1.  Ann Arbor, Michigan. This city is the home of the University of Michigan;
  2.  Raleigh, North Carolina.  This is the capital of the state and home to North Carolina

State University -- a part of the “Research Triangle Area” that includes Durham (the home of Duke University) and Chapel Hill (the home of  the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill);

  1.  Durham, North Carolina.  As noted above, Duke University is located here;
  2.  Provo, Utah.  Brigham Young University is located here;
  3.  Manchester, New Hampshire. One of the University of New Hampshire campuses is 
  4.  Seattle, Washington. Many Internet and technology companies are based here -- this city is now ranked the 12th largest metropolitan area in the country;
  5. San Jose, California.  The Silicon Valley is just about 12 or 13 miles from here;
  6.  Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This is the home  of the U. S. Air Force Academy;
  7.  Baltimore, Maryland.  John Hopkins University and John Hopkins Hospital are located
  8.  Boston, Massachusetts. This city is the home of Harvard University, Brandeis University, and Boston University.

Cities that Have the Fewest Highly Educated Residents

            Although you can’t fully generalize with all of the following cities, most have large immigrant populations and at least several of them include significant farming regions.

  1.  Beaumont, Texas
  2.  Salinas, California
  3.  Rockford, Illinois
  4.  Brownsville, Texas
  5.  Modesto, California
  6.  Visalia, California
  7.  Bakersfield, California
  8.  Lakeland, Florida
  9.  McAllen, Texas
  10.  Fresno, California

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