One of those most common reasons for a personal injury lawsuit is an injury resulting from a slip and fall accident.  Slip and fall accidents can result from a variety of circumstances, such as slippery surfaces, uneven flooring, unsafe steps or railings, among many others.  Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, from public places or businesses to private homes, and the resulting injuries can be surprisingly serious, especially for the elderly.

If you slip and fall, whether you can recover money for your injuries is based on many details of the accident and legal determinations.  If you suffer or have suffered from a slip and fall injury in Grantville, and want to know if you can recover, a Coweta County personal injury attorney can help you make that determination, so please do not hesitate to call.

Businesses have a higher duty of care to ensure that its premises are safe because they invite the public to enter onto the premises.  If a businesses or public place invites you onto its premises and breaches that high duty of care by not making certain that the floors, steps, etc. are safe for public use, then that business or public entity has been negligent.  Private homeowners still have a duty to keep their homes safe, but not as high of a duty as businesses or public places.  Therefore, it may be more difficult to prove the homeowner was negligent and caused your slip and fall.  An experienced personal injury attorney can help you prove that either the business owner, public entity, or private homeowner's negligence caused your slip and fall.

Furthermore, in order to win this type of lawsuit, you must prove that you suffered actual harm or injury as a result of your slip and fall.  If an injury was preexisting, you will have to prove that the injury was re-injured or exacerbated by the slip and fall, and not by another cause.  Often, doctors and other experts can testify on your behalf to help you prove this.

Though bringing a personal injury lawsuit after a slip and fall accident can be complicated, The Law Offices of Shane Smith can assist you every step of the way.  Years of personal injury experience in Coweta County allow The Law Offices of Shane Smith to navigate the waters of a slip and fall lawsuit with ease, and ensure you receive a fair recovery.

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