The National Safety Council (NSC) has reported that slip and falls were a leading cause of injury  in the past years.  In fact, in 2011, an estimated 8.9 million people visited hospital emergency rooms as a result of injuries resulting from slips and falls.  Moreover, and even worse, approximately 25,000 Americans die every year as a result of injuries sustained in slip and falls.


Slip and falls can happen to anyone, at any place.  No one is immune.  People over the age of 55 are the most prone to slip and fall injuries, however anyone, at any age, can be surprised by a slip and fall.  Falls can happen in public places, businesses, or friends' homes.


According to the NSC, there are numerous ways to prevent slip and falls, especially in your own home.  Some of these include:


  • Remove items from walkways and stairs that people might trip on, this includes boxes, clothes, toys, books, and papers.
  • Make sure both the inside and outside of your home or business is adequately lit
  • Clean up any and all spills immediately – be sure to use cleaning solution because floors can remain sticky after a simple wipe
  • Make sure all handrails are steady and secure
  • Make sure there is ample room to walk between furniture
  • Stay off wet or mopped floors
  • Use non-skid padding under rugs to prevent slippage
  • Avoid standing on chairs, tables, or other furniture that has wheels
  • Ensure that electrical cords are secured away from pathways
  • Remove leaves or other debris from outside sidewalks
  • Adjust downspouts so they do not release water onto walkways
  • Install safety gates for children if necessary
  • Warn guests of small pets that may be caught underfoot


Keeping your home or business safe is important to avoid slips and falls, however you should also be aware of conditions at other people's businesses and homes.  You cannot control how other people tend to their property, so you must always be aware of possible slip and fall hazards, such as spills or debris.   If you do slip and fall on someone else's property, call a Coweta County personal injury attorney to discuss your case at (770) 487-8999.  The Law Offices of Shane Smith can help you recover for your injuries.

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