Georgia Pedestrian Accident Attorney Shane Smith Discusses Factors Affecting Pedestrians & Bicyclists

Many people walk and bike across town because it is a healthier form of transportation, others do it to save money on gas or if they don’t want to contribute more to pollution. Whatever the reasons people walk or bike around town, they deserve the same rights and respects that every citizen of Georgia has. Unfortunately, pedestrians and bicyclists are put at an unfair advantage and are hurt and killed much more easily than opposing passengers in a car, truck or other vehicle in an auto accident. 

The following statistics from the Governors Highways Safety Association (GHSA) show that a lot of pedestrians and bicyclists suffer serious injuries and countless deaths. During 2009, over 4,000 pedestrians were fatally injured and nearly 60,000 suffered severe injuries due to auto accidents across America. In particular, the youngest and most senior citizens incurred the majority of pedestrian and bicycle injuries and deaths. Deaths were also far more likely to happen in cities compared to rural settings. The same year saw 630 bicyclists die in auto accidents with motor vehicles.

With these terrible statistics, the GHSA developed programs to help pedestrians and bicyclists have safer walking and bicycling conditions because this organization wants to keep reducing severe injuries and deaths in Georgia and all over America. Speaking with a Georgia pedestrian accident lawyer will help you determine what legal rights you or your child may be entitled to under Georgia personal injury law.

One program is called “Safe Routes to School.” This program helps local communities’ children walk and ride their bicycles safely to schools and elsewhere. Working with the National Center for Safe Routes to School, there is a centralized store of information that teaches local communities how to begin and keep their local Safe Routes to School program. This program teaches children how to walk and ride safely wherever and whenever they are going to school or anywhere else.    

There is also ample education and outreach for school children and the community at large. While it focuses heavily on social media including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, outreach also encompasses newsletters and in-person education. In addition to targeting the community at large, this program works specifically to target groups including students with disabilities, low-income communities and tribal communities.

Even with education, awareness and laws to protect pedestrians and bicyclists, there are still negligent and reckless motor vehicle operators that cause injuries and kill innocent pedestrians and bicyclists. If you or a family member has suffered immediate and on-going injuries related to an accident. Speaking to a Snellville pedestrian accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Shane Smith will help you understand all of your legal rights. Schedule your free legal consultation with a Snellville pedestrian accident attorney today by calling (770) 487-8999!

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