So many new businesses start and fail each year that it’s hard to really stick out in the minds of people who actively monitor the marketplace. However, the magazine recently published an article that briefly profiles what it refers to as “companies that are changing the world.”    

When you review this entire list, or even just a handful of the 25 companies that are included, you’ll quickly gain a good understanding of what it often takes to (1) prove that you’ve really got that “vision thing” going for you, and (2) demonstrate that you’ve clearly found a niche where you can easily leave your competitors in the dust behind you.

Great New Companies That Clearly Aren’t Afraid to Dream Big

  • Oscar. This company’s goal is to provide people searching for new or better health insurance coverage with the best possible online experience. As the company puts it, “what makes Oscar unique “is its dead-simple design and commitment to transparency. It has reinvented the sign-up process so that potential subscribers can get a quote in seconds   . . . The most impressive feature, however, is the fact that members can see an estimate for how much a doctor visit will cost before they go to the appointment;”
  • GiveDirectly. This company has the audacity to actually believe in the poor and their ability to make good choices when directly provided with cash donations. Sadly, far too many people in highly developed countries like America, almost always assume that the poor landed in their predicament because they always spend any spare cash they receive on drugs, alcohol or purely wasteful (or even harmful) products. When you visit this website or a recent article published about it, you’ll see why so many wealthy companies are giving generously to this startup. Instead of assuming the poor are all fools, this company lets the poor discern for themselves what they truly need the most when provided with cash donations. So far, it looks like the vast majority of the poor are handling the cash donations in a very responsible manner;
  • PK Clean is making fuel out of trash. Many of us have long wondered if this hasn’t been a possibility for many years. However, since this type of creative thinking and planning may constitute a threat to big business, it may explain why PK Clean is only four years old. This company’s basic goal is to “end landfilled waste by recycling it back into oil.

Hopefully, this company’s success will encourage others to hurry and come up with fully competitive – or cheap substitutes -- for the gasoline we all burn through each day. Of course, if such efforts run afoul of the world’s biggest oil and gas giants’ profits, it may take years to achieve new goals critically needed by our environment.

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