The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has numerous rules and regulations for commercial truck drivers and their employers to follow.  These laws aim to keep motorists safe when they drive alongside large commercial trucks.  Truck companies have their own rules to follow, but are also expected to make sure their truck drivers follow the laws, as well.  While some truck companies do follow the rules and make safety a priority, many truck companies focus on making money, sometimes at the sacrifice of motorist safety.  If a truck company or driver fails to abide by safety regulations and causes an accident and injuries, a truck accident attorney in Gwinnett County can help any accident victims get compensated for their injuries by the negligent truck companies.


The FMCSA regularly investigates truck companies suspected of violating the laws.  If a truck company is found to be in excessive violation of regulations, the FMCSA may revoke the company’s authority to operate in interstate commerce.  Since traveling interstate is vital to trucking companies, revocation of this authority basically shuts the company down for a period of time or until they are in compliance.


Common safety violations for truck companies include:


  • Not properly or regularly inspecting or maintaining trucks
  • Allowing malfunctioning trucks out onto the roads and highways
  • Not performing the required amount of random drug and alcohol testing on truck drivers
  • Allowing truck driver who are not properly qualified to operate large commercial trucks
  • Failing to maintain driver qualification and safety records
  • Failing to audit driver time logs and to enforce driver compliance with hours of service regulations


These are only a few of the dangerous activities of some trucking companies around the United States.  Unfortunately, the FMCSA does not always discover violations until it is too late and motorists have been injured.  If you have been injured because of noncompliance with safety laws, you may be able to not only sue the truck driver but also the truck company for maximum financial recovery.  Do not hesitate to contact an experienced trucking accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Shane Smith at (770) 487-8999 today.

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