Many people are in shock after their fall injury. They may not know what to do following a slip and fall accident in Georgia. For this reason, Atlanta premises liability lawyer Shane Smith put together this list of steps a victim of a slip and fall should take.

  • Get medical help. If you sustain any level of injury following a trip, or slip and fall accident, you should seek medical care immediately for your fall injuries. If you cannot get up off the floor, or if the injury is severe, an ambulance should be called. In cases where fall injuries are not severe, victims still need to be examined by a doctor for their health and for a potential premises liability case.
  • Identify what caused your fall. By determining what dangerous condition caused your slip and fall accident to occur, you may be able to preserve evidence. Taking photographs can help prove the dangerous condition that caused your fall. It is necessary to do this because the hazard may be cleaned up or repaired within hours of your accident. For this reason, time is of the essence to establish a slip and fall claim in Atlanta.
  • Report the accident and injury. If you slip and fall and suffer an injury on someone else’s property, you need to report it. For example, if your slip and fall accident occurred in a grocery store, you should report the fall to the store management as soon as possible. That store manager should create an incident report that indicates the date, time, and accident details. This information can be useful in pursuing a claim.
  • Call a premises liability lawyer. By calling an Atlanta slip and fall attorney, he can investigate your accident, preserve critical evidence, protect your rights, and fight for a fair and just recovery.

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