Insightful marketing campaigns, savvy brand names, and strong customer service departments have helped put 10 companies far ahead of the competition. The British publication “The 50 Best Businesses” provides an excellent snapshot of how companies like Disney, Virgin, Microsoft, Kellogg’s, Intel, Coca Cola, Pixar, Nike, Apple, and Amazon have successfully distinguished their products and services from others.

Their clever company names, logos and business philosophies can provide excellent ideas for new companies about to announce their arrival in the marketplace. 

What follows is a brief look at what each of these corporate giants has done to attain their strong brand name and worldwide respect.

Key Traits, Approaches and Philosophies of Top Brands

  • Coca Cola. Just about everyone recognizes this brand name and handsome, eye-catching logo. Perhaps one of this company’s greatest achievements has been keeping its cold drink syrup recipe a carefully guarded secret since the company was founded back in 1886. At present, Coca Cola is headquartered in Georgia. Clever TV ad jingles like “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” (from years ago) and savvy product placement on TV shows like “American Idol” (and in numerous films)  have captivated audiences and sent cold drink sales soaring, in spite of some misfires with certain “newer” versions of Coke along the way. Startup companies should study Coke’s lengthy marketing history to understand how it’s generated so much success and coped with a few major setbacks;
  • Pixar. Although it’s quite new (founded in California back in 1986) compared to many other companies on this list, Pixar has carved out a very respectable reputation for making animated films better than almost everyone else, except perhaps for many of Walt Disney’s older classics. Fortunately, the latter company was smart enough to purchase both Pixar and LucasFilm. Although Disney paid $7.4 billion in 2006 to buy Pixar, it’s definitely earning its money back quickly. In fact, the average revenue of a Pixar film is now $595 million. As “The 50 Best Businesses” publication puts it, “With Disney’s backing, Pixar is a story that will run and run;”
  • Intel. Many of us recognize this brand name because Intel “stickers” are prominently displayed on many computers and other goods featuring an Intel product. Founded back in 1968 and headquartered in California, this public company specializes in creating semiconductors.  From the start, this company’s founders knew how to succeed. In fact, Tim Jackson, author of Inside Intel, says, “Founders Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore raised $2.3 million [just] on the strength of their reputations.” Although it’s been slow to change its focus, Intel is now providing more products for various mobile devices, in addition to laptops;
  • Kellogg’s. What a great branding slogan, “The breakfast of champions.” Founded back in 1906 with its headquarters in Michigan, this company has almost as much positive name recognition as Coca Cola. During one of its first successful marketing campaigns, Kellogg’s employed “a team of dedicated salesmen, armies of casual laborers and the Boy Scouts [to traipse] up and down the country giving away millions of sample packets of Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies.” “The 50 Best Businesses” source for this information also notes that Kellogg’s now strongly believes in giving away “free gifts” to consumers;
  • Amazon. If you haven’t heard about this company, you either watch very little TV, dislike reading or loathe turning on a computer and buying products online. Jeff Bezos began Amazon back in 1994 and has managed to branch out amazingly far in regards to the products he now sells. In fact, Amazon sells nearly every kind of high-tech product, food item or household gadget you can imagine. Recent news stories discuss this company’s dream of delivering packages by drones. However, this technology will require major upgrades before drones can ever be used on a widespread basis. Amazon’s Kindle reading device and other high-tech products often do quite well. Odds are, Amazon will continue to experience exponential growth for many decades to come;
  • Microsoft. Nearly everyone living in a highly-developed country has heard about this computer and software company that was founded back in 1975. At present, it continues to be headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Bill Gates has astounded everyone with his mostly self-taught computer skills. Today, he’s reclaimed his spot as the world’s richest man – while diligently working with his wife to fund a vast number of critical health and other socially responsible projects all around the globe;
  • Disney. Many adults were lucky enough to grow up watching Walt Disney films at theaters and tuning in to its weekly network (or cable) shows as a child or teen. Perhaps an equal number of us have visited Disney’ amusement parks. Now that Disney has purchased both Pixar and LucasFilm, it’s likely to keep making many more of its usually highly successful, blockbuster films;
  • Nike.  “Just do it.” Who hasn’t heard that clever, catchy ad phrase? This apparel and accessories giant, perhaps best known for its well-designed tennis shoes, was founded back in 1971 as Nike, Inc. Since then, according to “The 50 Best Businesses,” this public company has expertly aligned itself with what it calls “the basic human emotion – the thrill of winning.” Today, Nike is seeing strong growth in China and in 2012 became the official sponsor of the National Football League (NFL);
  • Virgin. Richard Branson, the chairman of this industry conglomerate has managed to become almost as famous as his company’s “pure” name. Virgin was founded in 1970 and “now employs over 50,000 people in 50 countries, generating revenue of 15 billion pounds in 2012,” according to “50 Best Businesses.”  Between its airline, digital TV, health clubs and numerous other companies, this winner is surely here to stay and keep on growing. It will be interesting to see how well the Virgin brand holds up once its space travel program gets off the ground in the near future;
  • Apple. Founded back in 1976, this computer software/hardware/digital distribution company now employs roughly 80,000 workers and plans to add a great many more in the near future. Although Steve Jobs has passed on, the company has now found highly reliable new leaders. As it did in the past, Apple continues to place a high value on products with very pleasing design features. According to “The 50 Best Businesses,” during 2012, “Apple became the most valuable company of all time.” Although its numbers have since slipped a bit given all of its heavy competition, Apple’s marketing of iPhones and other visionary products should help it remain highly competitive for many decades to come.

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