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According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, the number of teenagers dying from auto accidents is on the rise. However, they also point to the fact that parents can help reduce the chances of their minor children dying when operating a motor vehicle.

Based on research from Ford’s Driving Skills for Life Program (DSFL), teenage drivers mirror their parents’ driving habits. Since parents are so influential in their children’s lives, especially when it comes to driving, parents can make a huge difference for their children’s safety.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the number one cause of deaths for American teenagers is fatal auto accidents. In 2010 alone, well over 3,000 teenage drivers were killed.

The Governors Highway Association along with Ford Motor Company’s Ford Driving Skills For Life is going to help educate student drivers at approximately 200 high school students in 2013.

Even though there is no guarantee of complete safety and road conditions and other drivers cannot be fully controlled, there are many things that parents can do to increase the chances their teenage driver children have the best chance possible to drive as safely as possible. Some tips include:

  • As a parent, use your seat belt every single time. Since it has been proven that children model their parents’ behavior, when you buckle up your child will observe that behavior and model it. You can explain to them that you are buckling up because you are protecting yourself in case you are involved in an accident. Keep an eye on your rate of speed – children who see their parents speed will similarly mirror their parent’s propensity to speed.
  • As your teenager becomes closer to the age of becoming licensed, talk about the responsibility and privilege of driving. Learn with your child about best driving procedures, make it clear that driving is a serious responsibility and it is a life and death matter.
  • Drive defensively and undistracted. Showing your teenage child how to drive safely and keep an eye out for potential dangers (other drivers, pedestrians, debris, etc.) is a good way to model how to effectively drive.

Teaching your teenage child how to drive properly is essential because an inexperienced driver needs to learn the basics of driving. While you may do a thorough job, other negligent parents may not teach or be as thorough with their future teenage drivers. If you or a relative has sustained severe injuries due to the negligence of a teenage driver and have suffered injuries and losses, you may have a personal injury claim. The only way to see what your legal rights are is to speak with a Suwanee auto accident attorney at the Law Offices of Shane Smith. Call our law firm at (888) 927-6955 today!

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