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Suwanee DUI Accident Attorney Discusses Georgia’s Zero Tolerance DUI Criminal Laws

Georgia DUI Victims Have Legal Rights to Pursue Gwinnett County DUI Civil Claims against Responsible parties.

Whenever a Suwanee DUI accident occurs, emergency medical professionals respond to see if there are any injured parties. Law enforcement officials are also dispatched to the scene of an accident to maintain order and make sure if anyone violated the law during a crash is appropriately arrested and processed through the Georgia criminal justice system. Normally, law enforcement officials that respond to an accident scene are not sure if the responsible parties of a Gwinnett County DUI accident are in fact under the influence of alcohol.

After a law enforcement official makes the determination if the responsible party was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident and arrests the operator, the next step is to be tried in a Georgia Court of Law. During the criminal court proceedings, there will be a final determination on the sobriety of the driver at the time of the accident.

According to the most recent DUI arrest statistics, there were over 25,000 DUI arrests in 2008 throughout Georgia. This shows that there are still countless Georgia DUI accidents occurring everyday throughout the state. While these statistics and the criminal proceedings are out of your hand, they do provide you with valuable information, especially the criminal proceedings of the negligent or recklessness driver in your Gwinnett County DUI accident.

If the driver in your Suwanee DUI Accident case is convicted of a Georgia DUI, it does not necessarily mean you can automatically file a Gwinnett County DUI accident personal injury claim. It does however mean that the person may be put in jail, be required to perform community service, have their license suspended, and attend a drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment course.

Civil cases dealing with Georgia DUI accidents are different than the criminal case the at-fault party is or has gone through. During a civil matter there must be liability established by the party accused of causing the accident and in order for you, the Gwinnett County DUI accident victim, to prevail damages be proved during a court trial.

The only way to determine all of the facts related to your Georgia DUI accident is to speak with a Gwinnett County DUI Accident attorney at the Law Offices of Shane Smith. To learn about all of your legal rights, you can schedule a free legal consultation to determine all of the facts related to your Georgia DUI accident. Call (770) 487-8999 to see if you have a case and to preserve all of the legal rights you are legally entitled to!   

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